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Father, I’m grateful for You.
Thank You for blessing me with a new day.
Help me to recognize all the plans You have ordered for
me this week ~
There are so many things that You have done for me.
Looking over my life, I see Your interventions.
Thank You for the times that You redirected my steps
so that I would not fall. Thank You for the tough
moments that seemed too much until You swaddled
me in Your faithful arms.
Thank You for keeping my family and for working
through us to bring restoration and repair where needed. 
I have so much to thank You for. Father, help me to set up stones of appreciation and honor for the moments… all of the moments that You have been there to bring me to Your expected plan for my life. 
I honor You and dedicate this moment to set a stone of memory for Your goodness to me. Thank You, Father!
In Jesus’ name! 
Psalm 9:1-2
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