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A Time of Consecration & Seeking God more faithfully

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FAST Details . . .


Matthew 17:21 Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.

FAST Types: 

  • Plant-based (Eat Only Vegetables & Fruit, Drink Only Water & Fruit Juice)


  • No Media & Sweets (Minimize non-work or school media, i.e. Social Media, Television, Videos, Gaming)


  • No Food / Water Only 

FAST Schedule:

Wednesday, May 17th @7PM – Wednesday, May 31st @8PM 

15 Min. FAST Prayer Call:

Daily @7AM-7:15AM (beginning May 18th)

Dial: (774) 267-3722

Missed the Prayer Call? Click the day you missed to catch up and join us for the next live call @ 7AM!

Making Room is being open to the new that God wants to do in you! 

We are in faith to overcome . . . 

   ⁃    Addictions (heart & imaginations)
   ⁃    Lust
   ⁃    Flirtation 
   ⁃    Marijuana 
   ⁃    Alcohol 
   ⁃    Tobacco 
   ⁃    Compliments 
   ⁃    Poverty/ Lack Mentality 
   ⁃    Destructive Patterns/Cycle 
   ⁃    Impulses
   ⁃    Profanity 
   ⁃    Gossip 
   ⁃    Pride - 
   ⁃    Isolation 
   ⁃    Jealousy 
   ⁃    Greed

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Additional Information:

Fasting is temporarily turning away from things that consume our time so that we give more of our focus to God. 

This will be an amazing time of spiritual growth and increased Joy! 

Stay tuned HERE for Daily FAST Focus Updates.

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